Aerial Yoga FUNdamentals


Fundamentals is the introductory class to the Aerial Fitness Program and must be taken before any other class.

It is most suitable for new students but open to all.

Here you will discover the power, excitement, and pure joy of moving freely in all directions of open space. One will become familiar with and the new sensations associated with inversions and flying, while building knowledge of foundational movements essential to progression in the practice.

The movements are broken down incrementally, incorporating zero inversions, suspended stretching and FUN!


Aerial Yoga Warm Power Flow


 We will move through a full body strengthening, mobility and flexibility sequence.

Get ready for hammock assisted hip openers, strengthening poses and a slow burning core sequence to get you everything you need for a total release.


All our aerial classes are in a warm environment, bring a towel and water and ready to sweat.

 Aerial Fit - Legs & Booty 

Get your body beach ready & super fly with this Legs and booty workout!

Toning hammies, glutes, quads and calves, Come ready to sweat!

(results may vary on class frequency)


At least 3 or 4 FUNdamentals Classes are recommended to begin your experience with this class.

Aerial Fit - Core 

Increase your cardio and muscular capacity to a bumpin’ playlist while learning to Learn to connect your breath to your movement and fire up your center with no impact and HIIT isometric cardio conditioning. Build strength, flexibility and mobility through reverse traction to help you STRENGTHEN all supporting muscles, ligaments, joints and followed by a 10 minutes deep MOBILITY Session to release lactic acid buildup and relax tension from your body, ending with a minute cocooning levitation meditation for a strong MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. See you in class!

At least 2 AERIAL ALL LEVEL or FUNdamental Classes are recommended to begin your experience with this class.

Aerial Fit - Barre

Airbarre is the newest method of ballet barre training using the silk Hammock. This unique HIIT aerial dance conditioning class challenges the body and mind beyond the vertical plane with 3D movements that lift you into the air. The silk will help and assist you find alignment as we all give you more airtime, and move to the rhythm of the beat!


Please wear T-shirts with sleeves

Yoga leggins


At least 2 FUNdamentals Classes are recommended to begin your experience with this class.

Our proficiency in calisthenics and dynamic aerial and suspension exercises let us create a unique fitness experience for all. You experience real results - where being physically healthy and having an honest relationship with yourself can coexist. A mind, body and breath experience, a life without pain or limitations.
All we ask is that you show up, physically, mentally
and most importantly never give up.